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Does Reddit even have an adverts coverage?

A examine performed by Marketing Brew and an API referred to as Pushshift resulted in some fairly odd findings concerning which subreddits allowed adverts and which of them didn’t. 

The findings. The outcomes are based mostly on the API pulling knowledge from the highest 2,500 hottest subreddits. They present that regardless of spending the final decade attempting to deal with brand-safety considerations, their precise strategy is extra cautious, which makes the platform appear unpredictable and inconsistent. 

The place Reddit doesn’t enable promoting. These are in style subreddits the place Reddit doesn’t enable adverts. 

  • r/mileycyrus
  • r/mensrights
  • r/daftpunk
  • r/floridaman
  • r/mensrights  
  • r/mdma
  • r/islam
  • r/israel
  • r/redhotchilipeppers
  • r/melancholy 
  • r/archerfx (a neighborhood devoted to a preferred animated tv present)
  • r/ska
  • r/stopsmoking

The place Reddit does enable adverts. Some subreddits that had been allowed to run adverts included political and alcohol matters.

  • r/alcohol
  • r/crypto
  • r/faith
  • r/politics
  • r/neutralpolitics
  • r/ukpolitics
  • r/canadianpolitics

Some adverts. Weirdly sufficient, these subreddits had been labeled as typically permitting adverts. 

  • r/americanpolitics
  • r/internationalpolitics
  • r/liberal
  • r/conservative

What Reddit says. Reddit spokesperson Amanda Geraldo stated that each new subreddit is labeled no_ads till it goes by means of a “guide human evaluation” to gauge if it’s thought of secure. She additionally stated subreddits labeled as some_ads require advertisers to “opt-in or opt-out of promoting” and are thought of “expanded stock.”

Why we care. Reddit is anticipated to surpass $522 million in advert spend by 2023. For perspective, Twitter is anticipated to usher in $5.58 billion this 12 months. Though they’re on the smaller finish of the spectrum so far as advert platforms go, there’s nonetheless a variety of potential upside. In the event you’re an advertiser trying to run adverts on Reddit, concentrate on the place your adverts could or is probably not allowed.

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