Festive marketing - Ecommerce SEO

Experts’ Insights Into Festive Marketing To Boost E-Commerce Sales

October 6, 2022

Rudra Kumar

Festive marketing - Ecommerce SEO

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During the festive season, demand increases for products and services, and so does the demand for exciting offers and deals.

Big eCommerce players like Amazon and Flipkart have remained at the forefront and capitalized big during this time by offering customers excellent deals on a range of products.

Thus, it is imperative to attract customers with new offers and retain them before you lose them to your competitors.

A well-planned festive season marketing strategy can yield constructive results for eCommerce business owners (This stands true for other businesses as well).

This festive marketing guide intends to help eCommerce platforms plan festive campaigns with expert insights and best practices.

Festive Marketing Campaign Planning

Planning a campaign for any festival requires some creative thinking and, at the same time: an understanding of current trends. More importantly, optimizing all the digital channels through which you interact with your target audience forms the crux of this strategy.

Facilitate Browsing and Ordering On-The-Go

The festive season is busy for everyone; thus, shoppers prefer browsing products and placing orders on the go.

One way you can ensure this is by refining your webpages to add new offers, highlight important information, and improve the UI.

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The idea is to reduce friction in the buyer’s journey, and focusing on these elements helps do just that!

Utilize Push Notifications on Your Mobile App or Website

Push notifications can provide timely updates and urgent news regarding festive offers and deals. However, there are a lot of best practices you need to follow while sending push notifications, as a barrage of updates may irritate users, which can lead to them disabling push notifications or uninstalling the app altogether.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Study your users closely before sending push notifications related to festive offers
  • Strategize it by keeping in mind the offers, time when users are inactive/active, location, festival type, and more.
  • Work on personalizing and improving your notifications that trigger the users to take action.
  • Check what competitors are doing and take examples from non-competitors that you can integrate into your own strategy.
  • Use tools to automate your push notifications.

Plan Exclusive Offers/Deals For Your Potential & Existing Customers

Planning deals for your eCommerce platforms during the festive season includes getting a lot of things right:

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Source: Amazon.in

Planning the Right Offers:

Prevailing offer types during the festive season include flash sales, last call for purchases before the occasion is over, etc. You can also plan your own big billion-day sale. Carefully planning the offers that appeal to your target customers is crucial.

Learning About the Offers’ Impact on the Business:

It is important to learn about the planned deals’ impact on the business. For instance, the theme of festive offers is cutting down the costs of products and services. It becomes pertinent to highlight how these impact the bottom line. Ideally, the results should be constructive, but if the offers cut down the prices significantly, you need to review the deals and choose the correct type of offer.

Promoting the Deals Through Various Digital Channels:

Customers should be aware of the deals you offer, and without a promotional strategy, it isn’t easy to achieve that. A combination of eCommerce content marketing, PPC marketing, and social media marketing can help in promoting deals through the right channels and to the right audience.

Use Social Media Platforms to Give Your Festive Campaigns a Boost

Social media is the perfect partner to facilitate holiday marketing strategies and achieve your objectives. The industry, business, and target audience will dictate the selection of the right social media platform and ad type.

Irrespective of the social media platform and ad type you choose, the following factors will help generate leads and sales.

  • Give a festive feel to your profile by posting festival-related engaging content or adding themes
  • Create exclusive offers for your followers and the target audience with promo codes
  • Create shoppable posts to directly enable the viewer to purchase a product
  • Partner with influencers to increase buzz about your brand and the festival-related deals you plan to offer.

Festive Marketing Insights From Our Marketing Expert – Prashant Shukla

Prashant Insight - Festive Marketing Ecommerce SEO

Connect Festive Offers With The Festival’s Theme

Reflect a festive theme on your website and the mobile application – whether it is through design elements or exclusive offers. You should include creatives on festival trends and optimize your web pages on related keywords like “Festive Deals in India” and “Best Diwali Offers”. The idea is to make the campaign’s theme festive throughout a buyer’s journey.

Plan Your Offers to Genuinely Connect With The Customers

As a marketer, I look forward to the festive season because we see a lot of campaigns that evoke some positive emotions. When consumers encounter these offers, they are more likely to make a purchase, so plan your offers in a way that connects with the target customers. Let’s say you want to make a Diwali festive marketing campaign, then it should not just be about the offer. It should connect with the target buyers.


This festive marketing guide covers the essentials you need to be targeting for better results and boosting your sales.

If you need advice on boosting your eCommerce platform, please get in touch with our experts today!

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