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How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Strategy for SEO and SMM? – Digital Marketers India |

Content is in the pivot position for any digital marketing projects. Whether you want to achieve the top rankings through a successful SEO strategy or you want to create a strong Brand presence over social networking websites using social media marketing. Since the inception of the digital marketing field, the content has been ruling the organic SEO and social media results. Not only SEO and SMM, email marketing and web marketing are also influenced by an effective content marketing strategy. Any digital marketing experts will give a long list of benefits offered by content marketing. That’s why we all have to focus more on content strategy to ensure we can drive traffic, leads and business for our companies.

This article shares the top 3 tips to be followed to create the best content marketing strategy:

Follow industry leaders
I don’t recommend following big influencer as generally their contents are written for big Brands. Even if they share digital marketing tips for small businesses, a majority of the time the article has either expensive or difficult to follow tips. Instead of running behind them follow someone in your own industry or close network. For example, in LinkedIn, you can find many SEO experts, Social media experts who share informative and easy to use tips, which you can apply for your business as well. I would recommend following Ashvini Vyas. She has 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and business development industry. Also, she is featured in the list of top 10 digital marketing experts in India. You can reach her by following this link:

Follow industry blogs
Digital marketing is a vast field, plus, each industry vertical can have its own best practices. To ensure you stay up to date with the major trends, we recommend following the article sites, which keep you updated about the news, best practices, etc. Some of the good Blogs to be followed are Searchengineland, Moz, Seo book, Digital Marketers India Blog, etc.

Stay up to date about the trends
Knowing best practices is important and even more important thing is: knowing the current and future trends. Your content strategy must follow the trends to win the hearts of the audiences in order to increase engagement. Also, it should get ranked faster at top positions to leverage more benefits from your content.

These are the top 3 tips to brace up yourself in the process of creating a successful content marketing strategy in 2018 to get the best ROI on your Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing campaigns.

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