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Instagram Promotion: How To Increase Instagram Followers In 2023?

With the introduction of Instagram stories, the usage of Instagram has been changed entirely among its users. Instagram stories are being used by both individuals as well as brands to promote their stuff by posting pictures on Instagram stories. These hold a positive impact as they can generate deeper engagement as these Instagram stories are viewed by more than one billion users, daily.

This has also been a recent trend as people look over to Instagram stories in the first instance before purchasing any product or service. Creativity has reached the next level with the influx of Instagram stories as well as IGTV. Below mentioned are some of the ideas for Instagram Stories so that you can even impress your followers and keep them showing love to your posts and stories.

You should use rainbow or ombre letters while writing a caption on the picture-

You can make your captions stand out on Instagram if you use rainbow or ombre letters on the text of Instagram stories. This will add flashes of colour to them. What you need to do is type down the text and then after selecting all the letters, choose the perfect colour from the colour selection tool. You may then place the letters to the desired position on the screen.

You should change the colour of the background while sharing a post-

Usually, the colour of the background is advised to be changed as it notifies all the followers that you might have posted something new to your feed. Also, it grabs their attention towards your post. This, in turn, will increase the overall engagement to your profile as well. All that you need to do is choose the picture from your grid which you want to share on your Instagram stories. The next step would be to click on the sharing option and then post it to your feed. Then you need to click on the drawing tool by using the colour selection tool and then you may proceed towards dragging the colour for your background. By holding a particular colour, the colour of the background will be changed.

You may use individual letters for decoration to your post-

Adding individual letters for decoration on the post gives an additional flair. Although it might be a time-consuming task, it helps the post to stand out among many.

You may mix your handwriting and your font on the post-

You may also choose this technique wherein you need to write the caption in your handwriting and also mix it with the contemporary font for some of the remaining text of the caption. This will also elaborate on your personality.

You may add a drop shadow to your text-

If you add a shadow to your text, it will instantly add a pop to your post.

You can create a collage of multiple pictures-

A scrapbook look can be given to your Instagram stories by choosing multiple pictures and then creating a collage. This will let you share multiple images at once. What you need to do is choose your pictures and then select a layout. You may rearrange the pictures in the layout as you want them.

You may convert a live photo into a Boomerang-

It is not always essential that you might have not created a Boomerang. Therefore, you have an option to change a live photo into a Boomerang. What you need to do is select the picture to be uploaded, keeping in mind that it should be a live one. Then hold on to the picture and wait until it becomes and reacts like a boomerang.

You may reveal parts of a photo by using an eraser tool-

This is an exciting way to post your Instagram stories and create suspense in the minds of followers by revealing only a part of the story that is posted. You may use an eraser tool and surprise the followers by revealing the most important part of the Instagram story.


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