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Must Use Media Types in Social Media Marketing – Digital Marketers India |

Social media marketing is widely used. Profit and non-profit businesses, as well as individuals like celebrities, politicians, influencers, etc., use social media marketing to convert different goals using social media. In this blog, I will help you learn which types of social media content you need to use.

Social networking sites, also known as social media platforms, are very popular among consumers. Therefore, they are also popular among businesses and individuals. Social media marketing helps in converting different goals such as:

  • Generating brand awareness
  • Engaging with target audiences
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Attracting more consumers to become your customers or brand followers
  • Generating leads
  • And many more

Everyone knows millions of people are using social media sites. Therefore, more than 75% of businesses are investing in hiring an experienced social media manager, remote or in-house, or a reputed social media management agency to run their social media marketing campaigns. Due to all this, a lot of social noise has been created on social networking platforms. This has made it difficult for brands and businesses to grab the attention of consumers. One needs to be really creative to grab customer attention and encourage them to contribute towards improving the defined KPIs’ values.

We, being one of the renowned social media agencies, have been benefiting businesses with our social media marketing services. With our experience, we have learned what type of content and media works better. Remember, for different industries, this varies, but there are some media types, which give remarkable results.

So let us explain the top 7 media types, you should add to your social media marketing strategy to get better results.

1. Video

Good video surely increases engagement. Whether you design a video to show your portfolio or if you develop it to share some information related to your industry, the video will definitely help you get more traction aka engagement.

  • Videos usually grab the attention of people. To keep them engaged, the initial 2 to 10 seconds of the video needs to be engaging to keep viewers engaged till the end.
  • The video should be short. A 30-second long video would be good enough as it will help to grab the attention of the viewers and can also be shared on WhatsApp. The maximum length of the video should be 1 minute until people start watching your videos and knowing your brand.
  • Focus more on engagement and knowledge sharing with occasional brand awareness to leverage more benefits from videos.

2. Stories

Now, all social networking platforms have started showing an option of “Stories”. Stories get much more engagement and views than posts on pages. It also helps in increasing brand awareness and encourages people to follow your social media pages to receive more content.

3. Live video

Various social media sites have started giving the option of “Live Video”. People can go live from their business accounts. When you go live, it will give notification to all people following your business accounts. This will help in grabbing the attention of many.

If you run a proper marketing campaign before going to live, then you can get more viewers, even those who do not follow your business brand.

4. Graphics

This is not a secret anymore. Graphics get more attention than just texts on social media. Therefore, you need to use more graphics to run effective social media marketing campaigns. Make sure to have a good designer in your team or, of course, you can take the help of the social media agency. Many social media marketing companies like ours, Digital Marketers India, offers graphics designing even if you do not use their social media marketing services. The benefit of using their services is to take advantage of their experience in social media marketing.

5. Curated content

People not only see videos and graphics, but they also read content by following the links posted on the website. Often people focus on posting promotional or blog post links to their own business website. But, remember always talking about yourself is not enough. You also need to appreciate and share what is best in your industry.

Curated content means finding excellent content, which adds value to your social media followers and posts them on your business profiles and pages by giving the full credit to the writer or a company.

You can also tag them to get more traction and engagement.

6. Your blog links with the snippet

As mentioned earlier, blog links are important and you should use them for sure. You should have good quality content on your website, which adds value to the knowledge of your customers. When you share the blog post, it must generate a snippet. On Facebook and LinkedIn, you should remove the link, once the snippet is shown.

7. Infographics (Use cautiously)

Infographic means graphic sharing information. Mostly, infographics get designed to add value to the knowledge of social media audiences as per expert social media managers. An infographic can also help in converting predefined goals. However, in some social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, there is no clear option to enlarge the image and see the written text and graphics in the infographic. You can use these media type strategically.

If you want to try your hands-on social media marketing, follow the tips shared in this blog post, and do not forget to add the mentioned media types in your social media strategy.

If you want to focus on your core strength and business, then let the experts do the job of social media marketing. We have a collective experience of 13+ years in social media marketing and management. Contact us for more details.


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