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Top 10 Content Writing Tips to Write Content Everybody Loves – Digital Marketers India |

Each writer wants to write content which everybody enjoys reading and get higher rankings in the search engines. We want our content to be appreciated and shared by our readers, but this requires serious content writing skills. Writing a blog is easy, but writing an effective Blog is a tough task. A writer needs to ensure the reader can stay connected from the first point to the last line of the content. Moreover, the content should follow SEO best practices to gain SEO benefits.

I have been writing content for a decade and using it for my SEO strategy. Also, I’ve learned a lot about content writing from the professional course I did in content strategy and by working with expert content writers across the globe. Furthermore, I am an avid reader and this trait allowed me learned top content writing styles from the best content writers. Today, I will share the top 10 content writing tips which you can follow to write effective content for your business or personal blog.

1. Choose a topic which people want to read
This is the most difficult part of content writing: Choosing the right subject for the blog, article, and another content type. We think any Blog subject would be fine, but it is not! You, as a writer, need to find the topic is something people like to know more about. You can use Google Trends, Google, or Quora to see what people are talking about and what can be the subject of their interest.

2. Keep one thought in a single content
Don’t write too many ideas in a single piece of content. One content one theme aka topic is the golden rule to be followed to write effective content

3. Follow the style and tone according to the content type
Each content type has to be written in a specific way. Blog writing is way different than a press release. Furthermore, a Blog to be published on the business website is written differently than a Blog that will get published on a public blog or other platforms. To ensure you get the best benefits of content marketing, you need to write content with a specific tone.

4. Make switch over and content flow natural
Jumping from one topic to another and back to the previous topic makes content messy. To get a loyal reader base, make sure to follow a natural content flow. A few tips for effective content writing with the natural content flow are listed below:

  • Start with the problem or preface of the topic.
  • Switch from problem to solution, benefits, features.
  • Single paragraph should share a single thing.
  • Don’t repeat the same thing with too many examples. A single or two examples are enough.
  • Don’t switch over abruptly from one thought to another.

5. Keep the title captivating
This is an obvious still overlooked part of content writing. Many professional content writers either write lame Blog titles such as just a keyword they are trying to target in the Blog or the title is holding having adjectives that are damn difficult to understand without checking the dictionary by a normal reader. This is important to have a captivating title, but at the same time, the title should be easy to perceive by the targeted audience.

6. Content should match the title
Yes, this is obvious, but I have seen so many experienced writers whose content body and the main title don’t really match. There is a huge disconnect between the content title and the content itself. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

7. Give appropriate headings, sub-headings, and lists
Many readers scan content instead of reading it thoroughly. To get the attention of these readers, plus to ensure readers can digest the content appropriately, please give headings and sub-headings to different paragraphs. Also, add lists as and when you can. This also gives breathing points to readers, i.e., they can have the required pauses while reading content.

8. Add Media to make it engaging
Adding relevant media such as images, videos, charts, etc. can be very helpful for customer retention. The readers can get engaged with media usage. Also, you can add short polls in-between content to engage your readers.

9. Use Keywords naturally and sparingly
Content is an important part of content strategy and has to be utilized in a strategic way. To take complete benefit of your content, you need to use keywords according to SEO content standards. Make sure to use keywords with correct density and proximity, but the even more important thing is to use keywords naturally in the content. Please don’t stuff keywords unnaturally. Also, use them sparingly to take both, SEO and audience benefits.

10. Add CTA (Call to Action)
Each content is written and distributed for a purpose. Make sure to pass that purpose at the end of the content in a non-pushy way to the reader such as for more details contact, or subscribe for more updates, etc.

These are the top 10 tips to write effective content which will be loved by search engines and readers. You can take maximum benefit of content using these content writing tips.

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